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Catamaran Patrol


Speed and handling set patrol boats apart from other vessels. USWatercraft takes rugged commercial standards to the next level for military, police and law enforcement craft. Fit with heavy duty fendering, our patrol boats are designed to shoulder pursued craft at high rates of speed. The cabin protects the crew from the elements with shock mitigating seating and an ergonomic layout that can be customized to meet agency specific needs. Options for ballistic protection and special communications and ops make these patrol boats first in class.

Patrol boats are traditionally mono-hulls. Our Catamaran challenges tradition at a speed of more than 60 MPH. Gun mounts, shock mitigating seats, bow door and high performance outboards are a few reasons to choose this platform. The catamaran shape means less drag when “on plane” and therefore less fuel to achieve speeds beyond most craft – even other patrol boats! The stability of two hulls is obvious when the vessel is stationary, and it’s notable when traveling at high speed.


US Watercraft
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Hubert, North Carolina 28539