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Carolina Cockpit

All-Weather Protection for Any Vessel

Carolina Cockpits are high quality, corrosion-resistant marine enclosures. Stock and custom pilothouses and cabs are molded from fiberglass composites or fabricated from marine-grade aluminum to produce rugged structures that are cost effective and easy to install on your vessel, dock, or heavy equipment. Carolina Cockpits are used as upper pilothouses on tugs and push boats, small craft wheelhouses, crane cabs, shoreside ferry and gas dock shelters, offshore platform mooring winch houses, control stations on oceanographic research vessels, and for any other application where protection from the elements is needed.

Composite structures have insulated bodies and roofs to provide superior noise reduction, have excellent thermal properties, and are condensation resistant and fire retardant. The smooth gelcoat exterior can be molded in any color and never needs repainting. Aluminum pilothouses are cost effective and light weight. Built using marine-quality anodized aluminum, our framed structures are corrosion resistant and watertight. All of our units are lightweight, stiff, and have proven rugged in service since 1988.

  • Bare shells or full “plug and play” installations
  • New installation or replace deteriorating steel pilothouses, wheelhouses, and cabs
  • Navigation and communication electronics, engine controls, seating, etc., installed to your specs
  • COLREGS compliant folding masts with navigation lights available
  • Class approval (ABS, DNV, GL, etc.), engineering and design service with accurate weights and CAD drawings available
  • Consoles and floors can be modified to suit your application
  • Tempered safety glass windows & doors are watertight; windows and doors can be fixed, sliding, or hinged
  • Ladders, handrails, and platforms available for roof access
  • Preinstalled seating, HVAC, lighting, electric and air controls, drum monitoring mirrors, etc., can be configured to fit your needs



The pilothouse style has roof overhangs and a mounting flange or optional floor. The reinforced roof can be flat or domed and fit with windows for overhead visibility. FRP pilothouse models are produced in our modular molds, which are customizable in length, width, and height.

  • Models for 1 to 6 people
  • Maximum size limited only by shipping logistics
  • The doors, windows, orientation, interior consoles and layout configured to fit your application


Our cab style has an aft-angled windshield. The FRP version features a molded floor and no roof overhangs. Reinforced roof can be flat or domed and provided with windows for overhead visibility. The upper and lower halves are easily separated for ease of installation, transport, vertical clearance, or fair-weather operation.

  • Models for 1 to 3 people
  • The one- and two-person models are produced with integral floors
  • Windows and doors can be provided in any arrangement, size, and safety level


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