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Diesel Inboard/
Outboard Catamarans

28-92 ft. Built to suit your specific needs. Passenger & Crew Boats for point to point transportation, Water Taxi, Dive Boat, Excursion and support applications both inshore and offshore. We also build recreational hulls with yacht quality finishes.


USW Catamarans. Our boats are made to comfortably accommodate passengers and crew for whatever tasks they are intended. They are specifically designed to increase comfort for “all” in rough sea conditions. Ease of handling, unobstructed views and ergonomic layouts make the captain and crews job easier. Open walk-through cabin layouts available and your choice of seating and storage options. 

Drop down bow available on some models to facilitate easy boarding and disembarking for passengers and cargo. We are able to provide a wide range of fit and finish ranging from rugged and simple to luxurious and sophisticated. 

Advantages: Catamaran vs. Mono hull

  1. Efficiency:
    The catamaran has a smaller block coefficient1 and, due to significantly lower resistance, the catamaran requires less power to perform at the same speed and carrying capacity of a monohull.
  2. Motion Sickness Incidence:
    The catamaran also has an advantage over motion sickness thanks to its specifically designed shape which reduces the likelihood of slamming and rolling.
  3. Manoeuvrability and Seakeeping:
    The catamaran’s specific design features, such as its slender bow form and its widely spaced hulls result in a vessel that can operate both in tight areas and in adverse weather conditions. 
  4. Safety:
    The catamaran has an advantage over the monohull with regards to its superior safety and evacuation features and its lower environmental impact.
  5. Cost:
    The catamaran has a considerably reduced operating costs that its monohull competitor 



Our range of proven mono hull ferry, excursion and crew transport designs covers the full spectrum of operational requirements, from ultra-low wash passenger vessels to larger vessels. 


US Watercraft
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