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Passenger Vessels

Passenger and Tour Vessels

Decorated with custom paint, panels, and canopies, these festive vessels will attract and delight your customers. Thoughtful seating arrangements and floor plans designed for comfort are a winning touch. Meanwhile, underneath the wonderfully festive exterior is an incredibly stable, safe, and rugged workboat that will withstand the most rigorous schedule. We offer a variety of monohull and catamaran (twin hull) designs from SeaArk Marine that can be fully customized to suit your passenger-carrying needs; fully custom designs are also available. Key features include:

  • Superior commercial shipbuilding techniques and workmanship
  • Highly customizable seating options and entry gates
  • Available with ADA wheelchair ramps and secure tie-downs
  • Safety railings and non-skid decks



This monohull is just the right size for protected entertainment venues, such as canal rides, river walks, and theme parks. Add removable tables for a unique dining experience. Low freeboard and custom openings make this a highly accessible craft for all passengers.

  • 26 feet LOA
  • Seats up to 40 passengers


With its canopy top and covered bow area, this monohull provides a smooth, dry ride in more open venues. With the steering console aft and aircraft-style seating, every passenger will have a comfortable seat to enjoy the view.

  • 28 feet LOA
  • Seats up to 24 passengers


Available in wide and extra-wide models, this monohull can seat up to 48 passengers. Sitting higher off the water, it provides a stable, comfortable ride for longer tours and can be USCG certified for select waterways.

  • 35 feet LOA
  • Seats up to 48 passengers


Chosen by the U.S. Olympic committee to transport athletes during the summer games in Atlanta, this symmetrical sponson twin hull will take up to 40 passengers comfortably and can be USCG certified for inland waters.

  • 40 feet LOA
  • Seats up to 48 passengers


The symmetrical sponson twin hull design can be USCG certified to carry up to 92 passengers in protected waters. With its shallow draft and optional forward gate, you can run it up to the shore to pick up passengers.

  • 54 feet LOA
  • Seats up to 92 passengers


Thanks to its specifically designed shape and wide beam, which reduces any “rocking” motion, a catamaran minimizes the risk of motion sickness. Ease of handling, unobstructed views, and ergonomic layouts also make the captain’s and the crew’s jobs easier. Open, walk-through cabin layouts are available along with a wide choice of seating and storage options.

We are able to provide a wide range of fit and finish ranging from rugged and simple to luxurious and sophisticated. A drop-down bow is available on some models to facilitate easy boarding and disembarking for passengers and cargo.

A catamaran requires less power to perform at the same speed as a monohull of similar size and carrying capacity. The catamaran’s specific design features, such as its slender bow form and its widely spaced hulls result in a vessel that can operate safely in both in tight areas and in adverse weather conditions. If you’re interested in a catamaran design, send us a description of your needs and we’ll send you a quote.


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