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Military and Law Enforcement Patrol Boats

Mission Ready: The USW Advantage

Speed and handling set US Watercraft’s patrol boats apart. We take rugged commercial standards to the next level for Navy, Coast Guard, and Law Enforcement use. Fit with heavy-duty fendering, our patrol boats are designed to shoulder pursued craft at high rates of speed. The cabin protects the crew from the elements with shock-mitigating seating and an ergonomic layout that can be customized to meet agency-specific needs. Options for ballistic protection and special communications and ops make these law enforcement boats first in class.

  • Superior commercial shipbuilding techniques and workmanship; welded aluminum construction utilizing precision-cut panels and structural frames
  • Inboard, outboard, or water jet propulsion
  • Shock-mitigating seats and ergonomic layout
  • Side and rear boarding doors, dive doors, or fold-down bow door
  • Navigation and ballistic protection packages



The next generation of the popular and mission-proven SeaArk Marine model. This fast patrol boat is designed for controlled handling in the rough waters of large harbors, coastal areas and offshore.

  • Lengths from 28 – 65 feet
  • Fast, smooth, stable ride; tremendous lift and precision small-boat handling with large-boat capacity
  • Deep V hull by Ray Hunt Design. Variable deadrise; 20 degrees at transom with continuous twist to 50 degrees at bow
  • Wide chines with lifting strakes
  • Radiused transom and transom corners
  • 3 cabin options: standard pilothouse, survey cabin or crew cabin
  • Overhead cabin windows provide 180-degree overhead visibility and 360-degree horizontally


Excellent choice for harbors, bays, lakes, and coastal regions. This is the modern take on the trailerable patrol boat design made popular by SeaArk Marine.

  • Lengths from 21 to 27 feet
  • Trailerable
  • Soft ride, superior high-speed handling
  • Deep V hull by Ray Hunt Design. Variable deadrise; 20 degrees at transom with continuous twist to 45 degrees at bow
  • Center console, walk-through windshield, or 2-, 4-, or 6-man cabin
  • Options for recessed bow decks, walk-through windshield
  • Flared bows and wide side decks; large working deck space


RAM models are equipped with air or foam fendering collars for maximum shock absorption. The RAM versions of our patrol boats are perfect for rough water and the aggressive boarding demands of coast guard vessels, police boats, or harbor patrol. The RAM design delivers all the benefits of a rigid hull inflatable without sacrificing boat design or function.

  • Utilizes existing hull forms with only small modifications in attachment area
  • Vessel remains fully functional and seaworthy even without the collar
  • Air collars provide shock absorption at low weight. Can be deflated for trailering
  • Foam collars offer maximum durability and puncture resistance. Added protection against small arms fire


A fast, stable platform capable of supporting dive/rescue operations in addition to law enforcement patrol needs. Based on the versatile vessel design from SeaArk Marine.

  • Lengths from 26 to 48 feet
  • Modified V with constant 16-degree deadrise
  • Center console, 2-, 4-, or 6-man cabin, extended crew cabin


These are fast, highly maneuverable short-range patrol boats designed for use in protected waters. Based on the popular police boat and game & fish patrol vessel by SeaArk Marine.

  • Lengths from 18 to 24 feet
  • Ray Hunt Design variable deadrise V hull shape
  • Freeboard and gunwale width designed to be level with low-profile bass boat style hulls
  • Trailerable and easily towed
  • Center console, walk-through windshield, or 2-man low-profile cabin
  • Recessed or enclosed forward cockpit


Our extensive portfolio includes proven catamaran and monohull designs with deck and equipment configurations that support any law enforcement or military brief. Tell us where you operate and outline your mission objectives and we’ll do the rest.

Our catamaran designs challenge the monohull tradition by offering improved stability at speeds of more than 60 mph. Gun mounts, shock-mitigating seats, bow doors and the ability to employ high-performance outboards are a few reasons to choose this platform. The catamaran shape means less drag when “on a plane” and therefore less fuel is needed to achieve speeds beyond most monohulls – even other patrol boats! The stability of two hulls is obvious when the vessel is stationary and it’s notable when traveling at high speed. Send us your mission specs and we’ll match you to the right design.


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