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Next Generation Fire & Rescue Vessels

USW is proud to offer SeaArk Marine’s proven aluminum fire and rescue vessels as well as our own custom models. Our advanced manufacturing and engineering capabilities, combined with our extensive model range, allow us to build a vessel that fits your specifications and your budget. Choose the model designed for your marine environment and we’ll fit the fire suppression systems, treatment areas, and deck arrangements that suit your mission requirements. Our exceptional attention to detail, combined with your expertise and input, results in a highly functional vessel. 

  • Superior commercial shipbuilding techniques and workmanship; welded aluminum construction utilizing CNC-cut panels and structural frames
  • Inboard, outboard, and jet propulsion
  • Gas or diesel pumps; multiple foam delivery systems
  • Climate control packages with back-up power
  • Shock mitigating seats & fold-down treatment benches with purpose-built gear storage
  • Side and rear boarding doors, dive doors, or fold-down bow door
  • Navigation and safety gear packages



Thanks to its superior handling and high speed, the Dauntless is the vessel of choice for departments operating in open-water harbors and extended coastal regions. This high-performance SeaArk Marine model has a dry ride even in the roughest conditions. Our largest vessel, the Dauntless has the beam and length to accommodate an extensive array of fire-fighting, rescue/medical, and dive equipment in addition a large crew.

  • Lengths from 28 – 65 feet
  • Deep V hull by Ray Hunt Design. Variable deadrise: 20 degrees at transom with continuous twist to 50 degrees at bow


The Commander is a high-performance deep V vessel in a size that can be trailered. It’s an excellent choice for harbors, bays, lakes, and inshore work. Perfect for agencies without permanent dock space or that must launch at a variety of access points. This fast-response SeaArk Marine model is available as a center console or with a crew cabin.

  • Lengths from 21 – 27 feet
  • Deep V hull by Ray Hunt Design, with 20-degree transom deadrise twisting to 45 degrees at the bow


A fast, stable platform, the Enforcer excels in inshore waters; rivers, lakes, small harbors, etc. This SeaArk Marine model’s wide beam and low freeboard make it an excellent platform to support dive/rescue and EMT treatment areas as well as supporting internal fire systems.

  • Lengths from 26 – 48 feet
  • Modified V with constant 16-degree deadrise


If you operate in shallow waters or need to run up to the shoreline, the Roustabout is your choice. Rugged and stable, this spacious working platform has a fast, smooth ride. This SeaArk Marine model is easily trailered and is tough enough to stand up to repeated launching.

  • Lengths from 17 – 26 feet
  • Tri hull workboat style


Our extensive portfolio includes proven aluminum catamaran and monohull fire boat designs with deck and equipment configurations that support any mission brief. Tell us where you operate and outline your mission objectives and we’ll do the rest.

Our catamaran designs challenge the monohull tradition by offering improved stability at speeds of more than 60 mph. The ability to employ high-performance outboards is just one reason to choose this platform. The stability of two hulls is unbeatable when the vessel is stationary and it’s notable when traveling at high speed. Send us your specs and we’ll match you to the right design.


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