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Landing Craft

Get the Job Done on Land and Water

Our strength lies in the engineering and construction of high-speed, highly customized landing craft to move your equipment across the water. Our designs are engineered to safely transport heavy equipment, including trucks and full-size excavators, at speeds in excess of 30 knots to support construction, emergency or spill response, or critical supply/cargo deliveries. Landers are also a perfect stable platform for everything from pushing docks to delivering passengers.

  • Front and rear loading available to accommodate both land and dockside arrivals and departures
  • Hydraulic or manually operated ramps
  • Custom-designed cranes and davits to accommodate various service applications
  • Highly maneuverable with great directional stability underway
  • Shallow draft; run right up to the shoreline



The ultimate shallow-draft work boat. Made to carry heavy equipment, vehicles, or cargo with easy on/off directly from shore. Perfect for construction equipment; also dependable and tough spill response boats that are easy to operate in hostile environments under less-than-ideal working conditions.

  • Lengths from 20 – 46 feet
  • Barge-type hull with 5-degree V
  • Single or twin outboards; inboard or water jet propulsion
  • Center console or enclosed cabin; flexible cabin location
  • Push knees, davits, tow bar, bow rollers, bench seating, canopies, and grab rails in any configuration
  • Recessed or flush decks with under-deck storage

USW Custom Landing Craft

In addition to cargo loads, our landing vessel is USCG compliant for passengers. The foredeck can be fitted with self-contained cabins with heat and airplane-style seating. Inboard or outboard engines or water jets make this platform versatile in deep or extremely shallow water. Let us know what you need, and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.


US Watercraft
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