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SeaArk Marine Models

Next Generation Vessels Built by US Watercraft

We are the exclusive licensed builder of SeaArk Marine commercial vessels. Our model offering appears below; see our What We Build section to find the recommended models for specific industries and applications. 
Thousands of SeaArk Marine vessels are in service around the world in fire, law enforcement, military, survey, and commercial applications. SeaArk Marine has a storied history and sterling reputation dating from its founding in the 1960s. Hull design by Ray Hunt Design, preeminent naval architects in both commercial and recreational craft, combined with US Watercraft’s modern build techniques and relentless focus on high performance, are what set SeaArk Marine builds apart from other vessels.
Commercial workboats are constructed from welded aluminum. We produce aluminum vessels with the robust qualities and workmanship that can be classed and approved by an IACS Classification Society (USCG, ABS, Lloyds, DNV, etc.). In-house engineering combines with modern computer- and human-driven machinery and techniques to precision cut, accurately shape, and expertly weld the superstructure and hull using the highest grade materials.



The Dauntless is our fastest high-performance model. It features a deep V variable deadrise hull from Ray Hunt Design that is ideal for offshore operations. This is a hull that planes easily; its wide chines and lifting strakes produce a smooth, dry, and stable ride. It also steers reliably in waves, both upwind and down. These characteristics are greatly appreciated by the crew that must respond quickly, in any weather conditions. We offer three cabin options, each with excellent all-around visibility.

  • Deep V hull by Ray Hunt Design. Variable deadrise; 20 degrees at transom with continuous twist to 50 degrees at bow
    • Fast, smooth, stable ride ensured by wide chines with lifting strakes
    • Tremendous lift and precision handling; small-boat feel with large-boat capacity
  • Flush or recessed decks
  • Radiused transom and transom corners
  • 3 cabin options – standard pilothouse, survey cabin or crew cabin
    • New cabin design  – overhead cabin windows provide 180-degree overhead visibility
  • Lengths from 28 to 65 feet


The Commander is a fast, agile vessel. It features the deep V hull by Ray Hunt Design in a trailerable size. And just like the Dauntless, the Commander delivers an incredibly soft ride and superior high-speed handling through a wide range of conditions. The Commander hull is designed to maximize available space for crew and cargo. Fuel tanks and generators are stored below deck allowing unobstructed room for equipment installations. Other popular options include side diver’s doors, rescue platforms and aft deck canopies.

  • Trailerable  – 8’6” beam
  • Deep V hull by Ray Hunt Design. Variable deadrise; 20 degrees at transom with continuous twist to 45 degrees at bow

    • Soft, dry ride

    • Superior high-speed handling
  • Center console; 2-, 4-, or 6-man cabin
  • Flush or recessed decks
  • Flared bows and wide side decks; large working deck space

  • Lengths from 21 to 27 feet


The RAM modes are a better rigid-hull inflatable. We start with the proven, standard hull forms and add a small area engineered to accept a heavy-duty, simple attachment system for the RAM collar. The result is a vessel with all the benefits of an inflatable and no sacrifice to the design or function of the high-performance hull. We offer an air or foam collar. 


This fast and stable hull design has a modified V hull with constant 16-degree deadrise, wider beam, and lower freeboard, making it an excellent platform to support onboard work where stability is paramount. It was designed by Stephen Pollard, well-known designer and author of Boatbuilding with Aluminum.

  • Flush or recessed decks
  • Center console, 2-, 4-, or 6-man cabin, extended crew cabin
  • Lengths from 23 – 35 feet


These are fast, highly maneuverable short-range patrol boats designed for use in protected waters. A popular police boat and game & fish patrol vessel because of its low profile and shallow water performance.

  • Lengths from 18 feet
  • Ray Hunt Design variable deadrise V hull shape
  • Freeboard and gunwale width designed to be level with low-profile bass boat style hulls
  • Trailerable and easily towed
  • Center console or 2-man low-profile cabin
  • Recessed or enclosed forward cockpit


The ultimate shallow-draft workboat, the Transporter is designed to carry heavy equipment, vehicles, or cargo with easy on/off directly from shore. Perfect for moving construction equipment, the Transporter is also a dependable and tough spill response boat, as its stability makes it the ideal working platform in hostile environments and less-than-ideal working conditions. A slight 5-degree deadrise facilitates tracking and handling.

  • Barge-type hull with 5-degree V
  • Winch/cable-driven bow ramp

  • Center console or enclosed cabin; flexible cabin location
  • Push knees, davits, tow bar, bow rollers, bench seating, canopies, and grab rails in any configuration
  • Recessed or flush decks with under-deck storage
  • Lengths from 20 to 46 feet


This cathedral hull provides a spacious, stable platform and is capable of operation in extremely shallow waters. This is a rugged workboat with excellent load-carrying ability. Available as a center console or with a small cabin.

  • Shallow draft, cathedral hull
  • Center console with hard top
  • Diver’s door and towing packages
  • Trailerable
  • Lengths from 17 to 26 feet


This proven workhorse packs a lot of punch in a small boat. The cathedral hull combines exceptional lateral stability with a spacious working platform. With its shallow draft, excellent speed, and surprisingly roomy cabin, this vessel will comfortably accommodate crew and tools for any mission. Add a square bow and flush decks for maximum on-deck working space.

  • Shallow draft, cathedral hull
  • 2-, 4-, or 6-man high-visibility cabin
  • Flush or recessed non-skid decks
  • Push knees, boarding/dive doors, safety/grab rails
  • Lengths from 17 to 26 feet


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